Smart City

Smart City

At E:E, we have supported Smart City projects throughout Europe where different technologies intersected. Software platform integration and energy market optimization were key goals and measurable results of commercial and academic collaborations.

We have worked with developing entirely new energy concepts, where cities use new technology and collect data across sectors to create economic development and reduce the carbon footprint. In this way, we raise the bar for quality-of-life in the cities while creating efficiencies and improving sustainable urban living spaces.

Energy systems and district heating and cooling optimization are core specialties at E:E. Specifically, we combine infrastructure for cities involving heating, cooling, electricity and e-mobility within our portfolio of services.

In our Smart City experiences, we have also been involved in and implemented digital metering infrastructures for electricity, heating, cooling and water both technically and for the development of future busines models for existing building portfolios.

Our consulting services include:

  • Advanced next generation smart meter implementations and business modelling
  • Smart City data technology selections
  • Smart City data aggregation methods and database structuring
  • District Heating & Cooling Energy system integration and optimization for Smarter cities
  • Advanced planning for e-mobility public charging infrastructure placement, power and available capacity frameworks
  • Smart City public charging infrastructure business modelling for access and payment
  • Tendering support for public provisioning of city charging infrastructure
  • Smart grid and energy market integration of public city charging infrastructure