Markets are not only changing faster and faster, but it is also becoming more and more difficult to assess the detailed consequences that will arise for market participants. For the individual company, this means, on the one hand, the need to cope with acute situations of disruptive change (digitalization; globalization 3.0, etc.) as constructively and future oriented as possible.

On the other hand, not only the processes, but also the mindsets of managers and employees must be sustainably aligned on the path of transformation and change.

It is precisely this combination that characterizes the work of the E:E consultants, who have many years of leadership and change experience. They have mastered their management trade, from strategy development and turnaround to the design of effective process landscapes, with confident professionalism. At the same time, they bring leadership into the consulting process and support managers in actively involving those involved and motivating them for the change in a targeted manner.

Our consulting services are:

  • Introduction of business systems and sustainable process optimization for significant productivity and profit increases, such as Lean Management / Six Sigma
  • Strategy development and establishment of the company-wide implementation process
  • Introduction of agility (Scrum, Design Thinking, etc.) / collaboration / new work / communication, and feedback structure
  • Leadership development
  • Transformation coaching / change training / large groups / workshops

Interim management: If required, selected E: E consultants are also available as temporary managers in your company.